Guest Blog on 21st Century Brass

Trumpet superstar Gabor Boldoczki has kindly agreed to write a guest blog for us for the next few weeks. The first one tells about him meeting up with the composer of the new trumpet concerto, Krzysztof Penderecki, to work on the piece together. The second one, describes the World Premier itself.

Part 1: Meeting Krzysztof Penderecki
Part 2: The World Premiere

21st Century Brass

21st Century Brass - 2015
KKL Luzern – Light-footed heroes

"... great limberness and flawless intonation ..."

Luzerner Zeitung - 2014
CD "Tromba Veneziana"

"Underpinning this enterprising journey is a sprightly and stylish bank of modern instruments to match the felt-of-everything and even-toned Boldoczki…the soloist is very much a child of this time with Baroque gesture, shape and ornamentation informing his considerable technical armory."

Gramophone Magazine - 2014
CD "Tromba Veneziana"

"...no one can doubt Boldoczki's accomplishment, successfully entering the idiom of these works and with such consistently good taste and judgement"

Gramophone Magazine - 2014
CD "Tromba Veneziana"

"Gábor Boldoczki’s latest CD ‘Tromba Veneziana’ proves that not only is cross-instrument transcription possible, but, if done with due thought, sensitivity, and attention to detail, the results can be simply stunning."

21st Century Brass - 2014
Flute-alike Trumpet

"The Hungarian trumpet player is one of the stars of this instrument and he demonstrated his class by concerts composed by Torelli, Vivaldi and Donizetti by each note. The rapid passages were performed alike the easiness of a flute, parts with more power were played with agitated resolution and the melodies came out with dearly chant."

Kölner Stadtanzeiger - 2014
Sincere affect

"His ability to purfle, his sense of style in interpretation and his charming beautiful tone are so natural and sincere (...). Astonishing is his sensation of phrasing, the gently legato. No tone gets sharp or rough, all is nobly rounded and lyrically penetrated."

Concerti – Peter Krause - 2014